Be yourself

everyone else is already taken.
–Oscar Wilde

Our culture

We believe that no one person is bigger than the team; and we work every day to make success happen for our employees, partners and clients. That’s pretty much who we are and how we do what we do. And at the foundation, are three guiding philosophies that we follow and live by every day – both within the walls of Shamrock and in our everyday lives. That is what the Shamrock brand is all about.


At Shamrock, we’re all about the team—so when you connect with one of us, you get all of us. Working in sync, we delight in celebrating each of our individual and unusual talents, as they’re streamed together to help your brand take its rightful place in the spotlight.


If there’s power in positive thinking, then our team at Shamrock is seriously jacked. Melding work with play and empowering our people to enjoy their journey while creating a positive and productive environment, ours is a workplace where good vibes rule.


It’s a beautiful talent to be able to make people happy. We embrace that charge, using an auditing system that tracks how we exceed client expectations and also identifies areas where we can improve, address and prevent problems before they impact our customers. Smiles all the way around!

Our leadership

Meet the people who make Shamrock tick.

Do what you love
and the rest will follow

Awards & Recognition

When people are happy, engaged, challenged and appreciated, their work reflects that balance. At Shamrock, our team is doing what they love and loving what they do – and it shows. We’re really proud of the recognition Shamrock has earned for the work we’ve done on behalf of our clients and for our service to the community.

  • Weatherhead 100 award logo
  • Print Solutions Magazine award logo
  • Neenah Paper Paperworks contest logo
  • Print Professional award logo
  • NorthCoast 99 award logo
  • World Class Customer Service Honoree logo
  • MarCom award logo
Community Service & Giving Back

At Shamrock we pride ourselves on the fact that we’re more than just really good at what we do – we’re really good people. Giving back to our community and serving those in need has always been important to us at Shamrock, so much that it’s grown to become an integral part of our corporate culture.



organizations received monetary support / contributions from Shamrock

That's nearly 


given in support of local and national charities in last year alone

On average our employees contribute 1000 hours of volunteering and community service time per month

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