Bob is all about balance—and perspective: He has the innate ability to see things through the eyes of others, which is why he is very much in sync with colleagues, clients and supplier partners alike. He wears multiple hats at Shamrock with relative ease, serving as motivator, mentor, problem-solver, and brand strategist. He does more than listen; Bob truly hears you. And that’s because he has a genuine interest in what people have to say. He digs deeper to find the right solutions as he works with our sales team to amplify results for our clients. He’s got next-level energy, adds life to the party, and is passionate about celebrating family and friends, and helping people succeed.

The Ultimate Company Swag Store

Create the Ultimate Company Swag Store Experience.

If you’re in marketing, then you know that brand engagement is essential for growth. More than ever, making meaningful connections with your customers, prospects, employees, and other key audiences is good business. That’s because authentic engagement helps build trust and promote brand loyalty. And branded swag—promotional products, apparel, and gifts—is a proven tool for making…

Corporate Sales Meeting Tips for 2022

Corporate Sales Meetings Tips For 2022

Employees are now back in the office and on the sales floor for more and more businesses. And while the workplace might look a bit different than it did pre-pandemic, some of the mainstay corporate events are back in action, too, including annual sales meetings. Successful sales kickoff meetings can boost morale and set the…

Fighting Through Adversity

Fighting through adversity

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” The quote from the late pastor and author Robert Schuller is the title of one of his inspirational books. And it’s also a mantra for embracing the difficulties that life inevitably throws our way—and coming out on the other side better off for the experience. Here’s what…