Bob is all about balance—and perspective: He has the innate ability to see things through the eyes of others, which is why he is very much in sync with colleagues, clients and supplier partners alike. He wears multiple hats at Shamrock with relative ease, serving as motivator, mentor, problem-solver, and brand strategist. He does more than listen; Bob truly hears you. And that’s because he has a genuine interest in what people have to say. He digs deeper to find the right solutions as he works with our sales team to amplify results for our clients. He’s got next-level energy, adds life to the party, and is passionate about celebrating family and friends, and helping people succeed.


How To Cultivate Empathy In Business

As humans we have an innate desire to feel understood. Showing empathy is one way to make that connection. More than compassion, when we genuinely empathize with someone—or seek to truly understand their emotions, experiences and perspectives—we create a powerful sense of trust. Empathy is a life skill. It’s important for personal development. By broadening…


Got grit? Here’s why it matters.

Most of us would agree that pure talent doesn’t always win: The smartest kid in class doesn’t necessarily grow up to be the most successful in business. The athlete with incredible natural ability might not make the big play in a pressure situation. The sales rep with perfectly polished presentation skills might not be the…


Challenge Yourself with a Self-Assessment

There is tremendous power in self-reflection. I’ve found that implementing the practice as part of an annual performance review can be incredibly insightful and productive. Our assessment challenges individuals to not only take stock of their personal performance and best practices, but also to look at their performance through the lens of their customers and co-workers.…