Tim is equal parts action and strategic guidance (ahem, dad to four daughters). He’s been with Shamrock for 25 years where he’s built not only a career, but lasting relationships. Tim is all about making meaningful connections with our valued clients and vendors. From that platform, he shapes Shamrock’s supply chain management, developing strength, quality and diversity in supplier partnerships—the stuff that makes for great deliverables. Add in operational efficiency and expert execution and its clear Tim is intentional about driving results. He’s a big-picture guy who puts his experience to work helping our clients solve challenges by aligning the right components, using the right channels, with the right partners.

Recession Proof Your Business

How to recession-proof your business.

It was Benjamin Franklin who famously said: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” While there are varying thoughts in the marketplace about whether we’re heading toward a recession or not, it’s best to air on the side of caution. Following that logic and looking ahead, now is the time to take stock…

Label Printing Trends for 2022

Label Printing Trends 2022

Your product or packaging label is often the first tangible experience customers have with your brand, making it prime real estate for brand-building. So, if you’re not already prioritizing your label’s look, feel, and performance features, make 2022 your year to review and refresh your branding with a label update. Label printing is in growth…