Ellen is passionate about helping clients tell their stories through extraordinary brand experiences. A serious right-brainer, she is a creative visionary with a highly collaborative approach: She doesn’t work for clients; she works with them. By focusing on what makes each client and business unique, Ellen uncovers the uncommon. She leads our team in weaving these details into colorful narratives that resonate with target audiences and incite action surrounding brands, from small startups to household names. Ellen’s superpower is her quick wit, which also comes in handy raising three kids.

Customer Expectation

Customer Expectations vs. Reality: How to fine-tune your customer experience.

Whether you sell cheeseburgers or software, understanding what your customers expect from you, and then delivering on those expectations, is central to the success of your business. The truth is, merely satisfying customer expectations doesn’t cut it anymore. Today’s customers are savvy—they research products and brands prior to making purchase. They want an authentic connection…