Ellen is passionate about helping clients tell their stories through extraordinary brand experiences. A serious right-brainer, she is a creative visionary with a highly collaborative approach: She doesn’t work for clients; she works with them. By focusing on what makes each client and business unique, Ellen uncovers the uncommon. She leads our team in weaving these details into colorful narratives that resonate with target audiences and incite action surrounding brands, from small startups to household names. Ellen’s superpower is her quick wit, which also comes in handy raising three kids.

Summer Intern Recap - Katie Connor

The 2022 Summer Intern Recap

When the interns head back to campus, you know it’s coming. The inevitable end of summer. At Shamrock’s Cleveland offices, it’s going to be a lot quieter around here without Katie roaming the halls. But it’s been a great summer semester! We already miss her contagious energy, unique perspective, and excellent taste in music. However,…

Why you need to humanize your brand

Why you need to humanize your brand. And tips for how to do it right.

We live in an automatic world where we’ve grown accustomed to receiving auto-replies and digital status updates, order summaries, invitations—without communicating with a real person. And while automatic certainly is convenient and efficient, it can also be impersonal. Along the way, we’ve lost the human element in many of our everyday interactions. And if you’re…

Can you trademark color?

Can you trademark color?

If you’re in marketing, own a business, or are prepping for a startup venture, you need to be aware of issues related to trademark, copyright, and patent law not only to protect what’s yours, but to ensure that you’re not infringing on another brand’s protected rights. But did you know that color is one of…